Friday, October 19, 2007


I met Malbert and his sister Bernadette while taking some photos of the sunset in Baywalk. I enjoyed talking to these kids. They are from Vito Cruz, Manila. Malbert is very smart and articulate that you wouldn't think he's only seven years old. He boasts that he could climb the coconut tree in front of us. In fact, Malbert was the one who volunteered themselves to have their photos taken. Bernadette shared that their youngest sibling named Angel died severl years ago because of drowning in Manila Bay. Bernadette is in grade 2 while Malbert stopped schooling. After the shoot, they proceeded to Luneta to make palimos. I gave them my baon (a sandwich) and some coins.

I learned a lot from Malbert and Bernadette. I hope that they will go the distance someday... that the darkness they are into right now would turn into light.

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